Civic Association

Welcome to the Parklawn Civic Association (PCA) web page!  We are an association made up of neighbors who care about our community and want to help our neighborhood thrive. Our Goals are as follows:

• Build a strong community
• Enhance community communications and awareness
• Preserve our quality of life
• Improve the physical condition of the neighborhood
• Sustain and increase our property values
• Create a mechanism to work with our elected officials to facilitate change

2017-2018 Parklawn Civic Association Board of Directors

President – Richard Zambito
Vice President – Amanda Aguilera
Treasurer – David Galway
Membership Director – Suzanne Smith Leach
Members At-Large – Daren Shumate, Patricia Woltz, Mike Woltz

The Parklawn Civic Association Boundary map may be found here: ParklawnCommunityMap2013.  Association membership is open to residents who live within the boundaries and include the following named subdivision:

  • Barcroft Forest (Barcroft Lane, Fairfax Parkway, Parkhill Drive)
  • Barcroft Palisades (Fairfax Parkway)
  • Barcroft Terrace (Fairfax Parkway, Mary Meindl Court, Melvern Place, Morgan Street, Parkhill Drive) Glenview Heights (Glenview Court)
  • Lincolnia (Crestwood Drive, Hillcrest Place)
  • Lincolnia Heights (Edgemoor Lane, Hillcrest Place, Lincolnia Road, Oak Ridge Drive, Parramore Drive, Sano Street, Summit Place)
  • Lincolnia Manor (Applegarth Court, Sano Street)
  • Mulberry Grove (Sano Street)
  • Parklawn (Arcadia Road, Bryce Road, Braddock Road, Chaco Road, Conrad Road, Crater Place, Crestwood Drive, Dakota Court, Everglades Drive, Ginger Drive, Guest Lane, Hawaii Court, Jewel Court, Lassen Court, Mesa Way, Morgan Street, Muir Place, Olympic Way, Sequoia Court, Summit Place, Tahoe Court, Teton Place, Tonto Court, Verde Court, Yellowstone Drive, Yosemite Drive, Zion Court)
  • Sherry Heights (Landess Street)
  • Twin Knolls I (Twin Knolls Court, Lincolnia Road)
  • Wilcoff Valley (Edgemoore Lane, Lincolnia Road)

The Association area does not include Berlee Drive or any streets that intersect or empty into Berlee Drive unless noted otherwise.

PCA Bylaws

PCA Goals and Contacts

PCA Community Improvements

Civic Association Quick Links

Use the links below to find more information about our civic association and how you can participate!


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